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Interior and Architectural Services

     EziCraft has a dedicated team to provide you with services related to Interior designing and Architectural consulting. We help you out with the suitable layouts for your interiors; be it your home or your workspace. Our approach to each architectural project is aimed at a providing a comprehensive design solution to our clients. Most of our work exhibits this commitment; encompassing the building envelope, the interior space, the finishes, furnishings, and lighting; all of which are generally custom designed by us. 

      We offer various specialized services directly to clients and also to various constructors, architects and builders. We act as back end offices for various architects, constructors and builders and have tie ups with many other architects, constructors and builders.

Our offerings are:-

(a) Architectural designing & Drafting Services
      Technical drawing, also known as drafting, is the academic discipline of creating standardized technical drawings by all design professionals. Here we provide you with the design drawings, working drawings, detail drawings, etc based on your requirement.

(b) 3 D Views
      We provide services for 3D views for exteriors, interiors, detailed furniture drawings,etc. Our 3D views have exceptional clarity, so as to give our clients a clear picture of the final output.

(c) Interiors Services

      We, at EziCraft, are involved in designing the interiors such that they breathe life into the living spaces. We work out every aspect of the design in collaboration with the client, at every stage of the project, thereby providing them with a number of alternatives in design. We take into consideration their budget constraints and strive to provide them with the best possible solutions to create an aesthetic as well as utilitarian interior space. Our residential and commercial interior designing services include :

  • Kitchen solutions
  • Office interiors
  • Remodelling the interior layout
  • Furniture design
  • Painting Works
  • Home Safety solution

Turnkey Projects

       As Interior Architectural Design Consultants, it us our avowed goal to take a project in its entirety; right from conceptualizing to the final handing over the key to the client. We work as turnkey contractors for complete interior designing projects. We have our trusted partners for every aspect of interiors, which can be leveraged to our customer’s satisfaction, which is our higher priority.