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Tribal art fusion in Modern Artifacts

     EziCraft is a platform where we display our finest artwork in various forms of Tribal and folk art along with architectural and interior design solutions for your home, office, workspace, etc.

       Whether it is to cater to your own home decor or a gift for your near & dear ones or just something you wish to add to your possessions, we have a product for you. We strive to make every one of these occasions special for you by providing fusion or Indian tribal art to modern day requirement. We have a variety of products ranging from hand painted envelopes to pottery and frames. We also design special designer wedding cards in WARLI art to celebrate these special occasions in an extra special way. Besides this, we even take orders for customizing the products for you, as per your requirements.

       Our services are not only limited to state of the art craftsmanship in arts and craft, but we infuse same passion in our architectural and Interior design service line. We provide Interior designing solutions to suit all your needs whether it is interior decoration, designing furniture for home or commercial spaces or providing with architectural solutions for remodeling your existing space. We even provide only design services in architectural drawing or interiors, if you plan to execute them yourselves. This way our service portfolio can be customized to suit all your lifestyle needs.